Health Packages

Save money and get the best treatment/therapies packages near you or plan a travel holiday with vedicus health packages. Find a customized solution for your health problems.

Painful stiff shoulder relief therapy

Package Price : Starting from 10,000 rs/-

Duration - 4 days

Painful stiff shoulder relief therapy is an unique ayurvedic package to strengthen your shoulder and relieve shoulder pain.

Obesity treatment ayurvedic package

Package Price : Starting from 20,000 rs/-

Duration - 6 days

Obesity treatment ayurvedic package is a bundle to help people reduce weight and waist so that they could feel more energetic, active and young.

Ease and release your Backache

Package Price : Starting from 15,000 rs/-

Duration - 5 days

In naturopathy and ayurveda there are a lot of effective treatments to relief and cure backache i.e dhanyamla dhara, kati basti, marma chikitsa, agnikarma etc

PRP Therapy Package for Hair Restoration

Package Price : Starting from 5000 rs/-

Single Sitting

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non surgical and a natural treatment procedure for hair loss as well as hair thinning. Read to know more about the therapy.