Navana Nasya: Internal oleation


Navana Nasya: Internal oleation


Administration of medicated oils through nose to strengthen the head, neck, shoulder, thorax region and treat disorders related to supraclavicular region.

Oil in nose

Our nose is a direct gateway to our head. Drugs administered under various procedure of nasya shows effect in lesser time on the parts related to supraclavicular region i.e eyes, ears, nose and head. In Navana nasya medicated oil is poured through our nostrils which lubricates the cervical lymph, the immunity house of our ears, nose and throat. It is highly beneficial in conditions like headache, weak teeths, hair fall, mustaches hair loss, earache, tinnitus, defects of the vision, diseases related to nose, snoring, dryness of mouth, frozen shoulder, wrinkles and greying of hairs.


Facial massage

We will massage the face in a particular manner with the lukewarm medicated oil which is heated over the water. The massage is start from the forehead region by applying firm pressure with thumbs from center to peripheral. At lower edge of the eyebrows points are massaged which are highly beneficial for the people suffering from sinusitis. Then around the eyes in circular motion, at the base of both nostrils, cheeks and lastly chins are massaged.

Steam inhalation

After 10-15 mins of facial massage, by covering eyes with wet cotton, the patient inhales steam for next 5-10 mins. This helps to moistened the dry nose passages which loosens the mucus and is expelled easily.

Main procedure

Now the patient is made to lie supine and again the medicated oil is heated over water to lukewarm. Then by raising the head and stretching the nose upward from the tip, oil is poured drop by drop in each nostril. After pouring four drops on either sides, the patient is asked to inhala. Gargles with lukewarm water is recommended after inhalation.

Post procedure

Lastly medicated fumes from a gauze roll dipped into cow’s clarified butter, sesame oil and turmeric are inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth.

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